The Bhagavad Gita in Audio (English)

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Krishna and Arjuna

The complete Bhagavad Gita recited in English

(These recordings produced by Please visit them for more information on Bhagavad Gita.)

(for other languages: Sanskrit, English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Gujarati, Arabic)

47 comments on "The Bhagavad Gita in Audio (English)"

  1. Prof.(Dr.) Soumendu Adhikary says:

    Very nice. It will to perceive Bhagaban teaching with different commentaries.

  2. Prof.(Dr.) Soumendu Adhikary says:

    It will be helpful to understand easily even by ordinary people.

  3. Prof.(Dr.) Soumendu Adhikary says:

    Very very appreciating endevour to make the teaching of the Bhagabad Gita popularised world wise.

  4. Prof.(Dr.) Soumendu Adhikary says:

    Welcome. Thank you.

  5. Harshal says:

    Hello there,

    The website id really nice.

    Please add Hindi audio which you have already did, but now do not see Hindi audio in website.

    Thanks you.

  6. Satyanaryana thuniki says:

    Sir (Namaskar)
    it is very very nice to listen this Bhagavadgita audio in different language specially in sanskrit. I am very thankful to Sri Vidyabhushana who sung entire Bhagavadgita. All bhagavadvita devotees must listen regularly in the part of life.

  7. Greg White says:

    I’m really into putting my mind on higher levels of consciousness.

  8. Amelia says:

    Now THIS is what the internet is for!

  9. Deepak Vishwakarma says:

    many thanks for sharing the knowledge of Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

  10. hari says:

    what is the meaning of ” suspending the inward and outward breaths within the nostrils” in chapter 5 of bhagvad Gita ?

  11. sudeep anand says:

    i like reading srimadbhawadgita everyday before going for work.

  12. Wari says:

    Thanks for this great service.

  13. Krishna Kanta Adhikari says:


  14. Shelly Kamla says:

    Thank you so much for putting/sharing this audio on the internet. It was exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks.

  15. pandu says:

    where can i download this

  16. Ram says:

    Thank you so much for the Great work.

  17. nigharikkha says:

    it is very helpful to me

  18. Riju says:

    Can we get to download all the chapters so that we can listen while traveling?

  19. Shepherd says:

    I am grateful for this beautiful recording which inspires me every single day to try to live as a better person. May this bring peace to all.

  20. ishwar deochand says:

    very good. i am thankful for the audio.

  21. Antonio Zighelboim says:

    I see you have made some changes to your Website.
    But, where are the sung versions?

  22. Lorena says:

    I agree with you. I would be glad to have it. If you know how to do it. Please let me know.

  23. Naushil Mehta says:

    Nice. Whenever I’m stressed , frustrated, agitated, I listen to this masterpiece which is admired by great people like Einstein , Socrates and many more. As I listen, it feels me from within with joy, peace, calmness in mind, ability to focus on one thing and many other virtues.
    This has helped me concentrate and focus on one subject and become master at it. I’ve become more knowledgeable and wise since I started listening to this. It’s a philosophical text, mainly the dialogues exchanged between Arjuna and Krishna the god.
    I hate that non -Hindus don’t listen to this and fail to take advantage of it for they think this scripture is only for Hindus, but the fact is it is for humans regardless of their religion.
    Thanks everyone.

  24. KomangArmawan says:

    Where can I download the Bagawad Gita audio so I can linten anytime?

  25. Varun Reddy says:

    Please add a telugu version too. I want to play the same to all my relatives!!! the english version is terrific!!!

  26. B says:

    Hi, i would like to create a website that shares the Gita, i used to listen this same version at, but it seems the website is down : (

    Is there a way you can tell me how to get a copy of this Gita versions?


  27. Ashutosh says:

    Excellent !!!

  28. Ashutosh says:

    Excellent !!!Could it be downloaded here ?

  29. Dr Jagdish Mujalde says:

    So nice services are being provided to the people of the world.

  30. Dr Jagdish Mujalde says:

    I am lucky to have such melodious audio and thankful of you.

  31. Wilbert Williams says:

    Om Namah Shivaya!
    I do appreciate the effort you all took to put together to program. May the peace and blessings of
    The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, Lord Vishnu!

  32. R. Vijayendra Rao says:

    krishnam vande jagad gurum

  33. U. P. B. Michael says:

    Being Hindu by birth I regret that I haven’t read the Holy Gita, Vedas, Upanishad & “Chandi” so far, although wasted tons of hours studying few common “Abrahamic religions” or kinda man-made religions, so hence from last month I was searching for the Audio & Video clips that deal with the verses of Holy Gita and The Vedas in detail to have the divine peace and the greater meaning of life… Lot of thanks to you for your great work to let us to have the Light of Gita to glorify our lives and to get rid of common misconceptions regarding Hinduism widely spread by followers of “Abrahamic religions” …

    If possible please translate the Holy Gita not only in Bengali but also literally in all languages, furthermore, I highly expect that, you’d come forward to record verses of Vedas, Upanishad and step by step video lessons regarding Yoga, Meditation, Pranayams & healing…

    That’s it… Lord Krishna Blesses us all…

  34. RAVI PRATHAP says:


  35. Chitra Devi says:

    Really superb.. so easy to digest and understand. appreciate if you could create a tamil version too.

  36. Bijaya Ghimire says:

    Very good work for spreading krishna consciousness. Thank you very much.

  37. Abhik says:


  38. tony says:

    love this, what a better way to understand, thankyou

  39. Balaji Singh says:


  40. SOMA Balanki says:

    Really happy after listening this Gita by a English professional as translation.
    searched at many places for this type of voice to build my own English knowledge along with the true & good lines implementation of srimad bhagwat gita.
    my request pls help us to download this to listen in my stressful moments.

  41. Abhishek Dubey says:

    Jai Shri Krishna

    I would like to be thankful of you for a great effort
    Will you please guide me how it can be downloaded

    Thank You So much

  42. Rohita Sahu says:

    Wonderful!!!Thanks a lot for your great service

  43. William Swyter says:

    Thank you for this wonderful service.

  44. William Swyter says:

    Thank you for this wonderful service

  45. Gautam kumar says:

    Gita is a pioneer

  46. Ambili says:

    It’s very helpful for people like me never read gita.could you please suggest how to download it so that I could listen to it whole traveling
    Thank you

  47. Nitin Nagpure says:

    Request download link for above audios

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